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The first Sunday in June 2017 participants in Cykelstafetten Spar Nord Rudersdal will be on the start line to compete with colleagues and friends on the fabulous and amazing 14 km long course, used at the Road Racing World Championship in 2011. All levels of cyclists can participate in Cykelstafetten Spar Nord on teams of three persons where you can combine a great bicycle experience with social interaction with friends, colleagues and family in the finish area at Geels Bakke in the community of Rudersdal, north of Copenhagen.


  • ’Cykelstafetten Spar Nord Rudersdal’ – Sunday June 4, 2017
  • The route is similar to the route from the Road Racing World Championship in 2011, where Mark Cavendish became world champion on Geels Bakke. It is a 14 km long circuit which needs to be experienced without cars, which is possible when you participate in Cykelstafetten Spar Nord Rudersdal.
  • You participate in teams of three persons (Female/Male/Mix)
  • The participants has to ride at least one round each
  • Age limit: 16 years old
  • Meet and ride with Jens Voigt – shut up legs
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