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Cykelstafetten Spar Nord is visiting Rebild the first Sunday in September, 2017, where the magnificent nature and amazing terrain around Rebild Bakker will host the participants for Cykelstafetten Spar Nord Triatland Rebild.


All levels of cyclists participate in Cykelstafetten Spar Nord on teams of three persons where you can combine a great bicycle experience with social interaction with friends, colleagues and family.

The participants will compete in a bicycle relay in teams of three persons, as known from different running events, where colleagues, neighbors, friends and family can compete together with and against each other. While one of the three team members are riding on the route, the rest of your team can enjoy time with other participants and spectators with entertainment, food and cold beverages in the finish area next to Comwell Sport Rebild Bakker and Rebildporten, where a bike-party will take place.



  • ’Cykelstafetten Spar Nord Triatland Rebild’ is Sunday September 2nd, 2018
  • The route is a 16 km long Circuit with spectacular terrain and magnificent nature
  • You participate in teams of three persons (Female/Male/Mix)
  • The participants has to ride at least one round each
  • Age limit: 16 years old.
  • Meet and ride with Carlos Sastre, The winner of Tour de France 2008
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